Stoodle – create a collaborative whiteboard space

Stoodle – create a collaborative whiteboard space


Stoodle (640 x 492)


Stoodle is an online whiteboard service supported in part by the CK-12 Foundation. Through Stoodle you can quickly create a collaborative whiteboard space. On your whiteboard you can type, draw, and upload images. You can connect Stoodle to your computer’s microphone and talk your collaborators while drawing, typing, or sharing images.
Stoodle does not require you to create an account. To create a Stoodle whiteboard space just click „launch a classroom,“ name your room, and share the URL assigned to your room.

Someone knows what you need. Someone needs what you know.

Stoodle makes it easy to learn from and teach fellow peers online. For iPad (in landscape mode) and desktop browsers!


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